Metro Rail Monitoring And Tracking System

  • Simran Kodwani et. al.


In day to day life everyone is in hurry to reach their destination and waiting for buses and metro, many of us unaware of where the vehicle is. To overcome this problem an easy system is propose in the paper to track the real time metro location. Vehicle tracking system is a well-established technology in todays era. It is very safe and reliable technology. The propose system has an advantage, now a days in mobile phone location services are easily available by using Global Positioning System (GPS). The system consists two android applications and one database server. One application is in android mobile which is locate in every metro and one is in client/ user mobile phone. The server database is mainly responsible to provide or update exact location of metro to client application. On the other hand in user application user can see the speed, arrival time and location of metro in real time. Also all the information is view on a map using Google API. The application is made only for android platforms.