A Review: Metro Monitoring System

  • SIMRAN KODWANI et. al.


In todays era everyone is using mobile phones for communication. Mobile applications are software applications that are designed to run on smart phones, tablets, and other mobile electronic devices. In this generation of rapid advances technologies, these applications have become one of the predominant tools we use daily both in our personal as well as professional live.  In attempt to expand this, we propose a GPS based vehicle tracking system for an organization which help to find location of the vehicles and locate their positions on mobile devices. The proposed technology allows organizations to track real-time information about their vehicle during travel. Significant usage of smart mobile applications can be potentially very beneficial, particularly in automobile travel mode to reduce travel time, cost, and vehicle emissions. In the end this would make travel safer and living environments greener and healthier. The Application helps in tracking and monitoring using GPS location tracker, vehicle status monitoring and server. Which helps in an interactive, fast and easy-to-use way to enable tracking, and in real-time. The first part of the project involves Android Application Development of GPS based Location Tracker in which with the help of any mobile device (app installed); any other GPS enabled handset (app installed) could be located. Though target user may be located anywhere, he must have network connectivity and GPS enabled. Initially, the app is developed for Android platform only.