House Of Cards-A book to reflect and figure it out!!

  • Ms. Kratika Mathur


"House of Cards" is a story bringing into power the fringe lives of individuals, with the uncomplicatedness of town life clashing with the city life. Mridula, the protagonist who carries on with her life by her very own sumptuously and her life changes has been depicted by the author spreading blooms of the real world. The story is a genuine delineation of female characters who in hate of being amazing, bargains and modify. The story line depends on how the family defeats every one of these issues and understands the better importance of life and family. This book gives a message that how Money and popularity can strain individual connections." Money is a valuable apparatus, it resembles a hatchet, you can either execute an individual with it, or cut a vegetable." A character whole it up carefully. Consuming desire, the enthusiasm to succeed and turn out to be too rich and incredible on the planet is the longing of particularly the youthful age. Be that as it may, will this all spell into satisfaction and harmony for the future, the appropriate response is eccentric. This book gives experiences into these essential yet significant issues of life. Self-centeredness, covetousness and so forth characteristics and their debacles can choke an individual to its end. The more Mridula sees the world, the more she understands how narrow minded and materialistic individuals can be. In any case, she doesn't take the ups and downs of life to heart and lives every day with positive vitality. Inconvenience mixtures when Sanjay quit his administration employment and begins a colossally fruitful private practice. With material solace comes the endless aspiration for additional, and the predictable moves into degenerate practices. For quite a while, Mridula has no clue that Sanjay has sold his spirit; when the truth hits her, she must choose the option to leave him to locate her very own space. This unpredictably woven novel investigates human connections in telling point of interest and holds up a mirror to our society with openness and with conviction. In this way, the story is about how falseness can influence a connection.