Effect of supplementary cementitious materials on strength of GGBS geopolymer concrete

  • Saranya P et al.


Geopolymer concrete are developed from industrial byproducts in which polymerization reaction gives strength to concrete. Since it is cement less concrete, emission of CO2 to the atmosphere during cement manufacturing process can reduce. Supplementary cementitious materials such as Ground Granulated Blast furnace Slag (GGBS), fly ash, metakaolin etc. can be used for the development of geopolymer concrete. Present paper investigates the strength properties of GGBS geopolymer concrete. A mix design for M60 grade geopolymer concrete was developed from trial and error method. Compressive strength was evaluated by replacing GGBS with 25% and 50% of fly ash, silica fume, metakaolin, lime and dolomite. It is observed that compressive strength increases with the replacement of GGBS with lime and dolomite. Effect of curing temperature on compressive strength was also evaluated. Early age strength of oven cured specimens were found to be higher compared to ambient cured specimens. Durability properties such as water absorption and porosity of GGBS geopolymer were evaluated and compared with the addition of other cementitious materials