Artificial Intelligence Based College Chabot For Admission Related Faqs

  • Dr. J.P. Patra


A Bot is a piece of software that conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods this system is a web application which provides answer to the query of the student. It helps new comers and parents to clear their doubts on college timing, mess facility, medical facility, courses offered by college, room availability, other cultural activities, etc. We used python as programming language along with AIML[1] to do pattern matching for response selection. User input is broken down to a reduced query using NLP[2]  library. The System uses built in artificial intelligence to answer the query. The system provides appropriate answers as per user queries. The User can query any college related activities through the system. The user does not have to personally go to the college for enquiry. The System analyses the question with its knowledge and then answers to the user. The system replies using an effective GUI[3] which makes it easier for user to interact with the bot.