Rainfall Prediction and Analysis for Raipur City Using Multiple Linear Regression

  • Dr. J P Patra et.al


The proliferate research in the field of Data Mining and machine learning has given rise to several prediction models. But the issue of predicting or forecasting the result still persevere. Numerical rainfall prediction is taking the historical data on weather conditions and applying algorithms on it to predict the rainfall. Rainfall is continuous, data intensive, multidimensional, and tumultuous procedure. These features of it makes its prediction strenuous challenge. Many important things are dependent on this factor like farming. Every year unpredictable rainfall harms the life, property and many other process. So, as a result rainfall prediction would help us to plan out things beforehand to prepare ourselves for future. There are different techniques that have come into observation regarding rainfall prediction. In this paper temperature and rainfall trends are collected from meteorological station Labhandi of Raipur and regression technique is applied on the data to predict the rainfall.