Fairy Queen in Indian Rail History: A Heritage Steam Locomotive



This paper will explore the historical analysis and issues of a heritage train. It will also discuss some innovative aspects of the development of Fairy Queen Steam locomotive. This is the model of techno-historical analysis, as a new research technique with unique features. Such as the Steam Express and Fairy Queens locomotive name is a WP 7161 (WP was the workhorse of the railways in India. W stands a broad gage locomotive & P stands used for passenger traffic). In a Post modern era, the time of bullet train and electric trains but this low speed old steam locomotive didnt lose their importance because of their cultural and tourism attraction. We can see this train engine in the many films like: Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Karib Karib Single and many other bollywood movies. On the other hand Investment in research and innovation emphasizes that innovation is the only way to tackle societal challenges. In the case of Fairy Queen Steam Locomotive, the big challenge is the more consumption of coal and water, thats why a small innovation can reduce the consumption of our natural resources with the help of Solar-Steam Hybrid Locomotive. A few thinkers of innovation have as of late contended that science should move past an authoritative association with society and participate in the journey for the benefit of all. This view may sound alluring; however, it neglects to demonstrate how different networks with contending ideas of the "great life", inside present-day social orders, could touch base at an agreement and how this could drive open arrangement.

This historical research works between many actors of society and different innovators which are responsible for each other with ethical values, according to heritage and tourism perspective. Paper understands the objectives of Indian railways and become responsive for Fairy Queen as a heritage train. Technological and mechanical innovations where, verifiably, constrained by a focal specialist to evade misuse, present day advancements are circulated through market instruments whereby property rights permit, on a basic level, the further upgrades of the advancements by other market administrators after some time. Monetary misuse of advancements suggests lost a sole control specialist; yet the state requests from modern administrators that they address the alleged three market obstacles of viability, quality and wellbeing before they can legitimately showcase their items or procedures. Capable promoting is hence guaranteed by conditions required by state guidelines and law indicates the legitimate necessities preceding advertising. Therefore, the paper finds the understanding of Fairy Queen Steam locomotives in our Indian Railway System and Heritage Train. What is the futuristic importance of this type of heritage trains or restoring museums? For e.g. our future generation will not able to see our national animal Tiger but the responsibility of museums and preservation units is to try to maintain these type of heritage and culture in our society.