Smart Air Purifier Based On IoT

  • Dr.K.S.Thivya et al.


The project is aimed at a design of intelligent air purifier system for a limited area efficient in purification as well as power consumption. Practical air purifiers come with a type of complementing filter screen of your wall mounted air conditioners to remove PM 2.5 or Micro-Particle pollutants from the air and such purifiers are called electrostatic purifiers. But, all such purifiers may not be rated by Clean Air Delivery Rate which is monitored through IoT system. Further Industrial and commercial HEPA filter purifiers are mechanical and it is coil based, hence it consumes high power and price is also quite expensive depending on the wide variety of applications. Proposed Air purifier is an IoT based purification system designed for personalized use having the monitoring features of air quality over a web server using the internet and also a web application for this system is developed with the help of software tool like HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT as front end and PHP for back end.