Transforming Research Institute into Innovative and Profitable Company Identify the Enablers by Using Ordinal Logistic Regression Model

  • Rosima Bte. Alias et al.


Research institute or university is an entity that is not bound to its legal status or way of financing. It can be organised by public or private law in which its objective is to conduct researches and to broadcast their finding by teaching, publication or technology transfer. This study aims to determine reliability of item for all constructs in Transformation Enablers instrument and to identify the enablers in transforming research institutes into innovative and profitable organisation. This research was took part by researchers from 4 research institutes located in Selangor. This research uses ordinal logistic regression model analysis and the data is collected by using questionnaires. It is resulted that the questionnaire is reliable through some remedial. The enablers that significantly contribute to the profitability of research institutions are sufficient funding and clear project objective.