Gesellschaft in Non Gandhism: A Literary study of Sahgalís novel The Day in Shadow

  • M. Maryl Chrisho, Dr.D. Jockim


Nayantara Sahgal is a prolific woman journalist. As a journalist she retrospects the society and its events very closely. As a journalist she starts to write the novels and she keenly observes the politicality and political things that happen in and around Delhi. As a niece of Jawaharlal Nehru, she is well versed in the histographical progression of India. With this knowledge, she empowers the political incidents and the reaction of the society through her writings. She mainly focuses on the upper class society and its faults.  The novel, The Day in Shadow focuses on two main ideas. One is a womans journey towards empowerment and other is the political leaders and their journey in India. This paper discusses the character called Sumer Singh who is a bad politician and Som a businessman. Both the persons downfall are portrayed in this paper. This paper analyzes these two characters with Gesellschaft theory.