Role of Tourism Industry in Country’s Economic development

  • Dr.D.Madan mohan


Tourism industry plays a major role in any country's economic development. It helps significantly to the country for creating the employment opportunities to the large number of people. Moreover, it is also one of the important engines to attract more foreign exchanges with its potential. We need to concentrate to have liberal policies, relaxation in taxes,  comprehensive package and so on to influence tourist and foreign investment. There is also a need to increase the government ?s role to make India flourishing in tourism and established in the global market. India has rich source in tourism for the establishment of the brand. Of course India has been launched the Incredible India to make tourism better. So this paper is an attempt to measure the economic impact of tourism in India. Tourism is most important sector in world and it is playing a major role in developing economy and generating employment. It is a major economic activity; highly employment-oriented and  a major source of foreign exchange. It has 10% share in world GDP. From ancient times India has been looked upon as a place of mystique and attracted visitors from all over the world. Today tourism is one of the largest foreign exchange earner in the country. This paper analyses the growth pattern of world which bears great prospects in future development of Tourism. Countries is rapidly becoming a preferred tourist destination in India. It offers colourful experience to its traveling, provides pleasant surprises endowed with natural beauty, untouched local and tribal culture, world heritage sites, adventure sites, and many more. But world has still not utilize its full potential of tourism. tourism is facing and what are major causes behind it.