Impacts of Digital Marketing to Consumers buying Behavior of Organic Foods in Kanpur



This research paper analyses the impact of digital marketing to consumers buying behavior  of organic food in Kanpur. Due to  the digitalisation of India most of the consumers purchase their products electronically. This paper specially focuses on purchasing of organic food through online. Therefore, my research problem is to identify the impact of digital marketing on users of  organic food in Kanpur. The main objectives of this research are to identify the perception of male and female  towards  digital marketing of organic foods. This study is based on descriptive in nature and 100 respondents were selected and questionnaires filled by them and the hypothesis was tested by t test and percentage analysis. The result reveals that, female consumers  have a higher perception towards digital marketing of organic foods  in comparison to male consumers. Therefore on the basis of result we can say that female consumers  are more conscious towards digital marketing of organic foods in comparison to male consumers.