Protection of Geographical Indications in India; Limited Promise but More Challenges for Indian Handicrafts

  • Megha Ojha
  • Dr. Mayuri Pandya


Geographical Indications (GIs) are collective Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs). In India, mainly handicraft products and agricultural products are registered in GI registry. Handicrafts are significant for India, because handicrafts represent cultural pride of the nation and provide livelihood to rural habitants. In 1991, after globalization, many handicrafts of India started facing competition due to duplicate products. Later it was realised that prosperity and dignity of artisans that engaged in handicraft sector, need to be assured by giving protection to them through appropriate IP instrument. Therefore, for protection of Indian handicrafts GIs are considered as the most suitable IPRs because GI can recognize artisans and producers of origin specific quality products. However, in GI registration of handicraft products, there are many issues in India. In this context, issues that existed in Indian GI registration system, especially for handicrafts are discussed in the paper.

Keywords: Geographical Indications (GIs), Globalization impact on Indian handicrafts, GIsforIndian handicrafts and Challenges for India.