Plight of Dalit before and after Human Rights: A Study of Mulk Raj Anandís Untouchable

  • Dr. Sunita Rani Mehra et. al


Abstract: Any literature is the product of times. It is about people, their experiences, their Joys, sorrows, thoughts, actions, emotions or feelings. It is also about the society of which it is an integral part. Though society is an amalgamation of diverse sections, castes, creeds, religions, and their love to read and enjoy literature produced by writers belonging to any class, caste, religion etc. Its appealing value and universal character is one the main reasons for their acceptance. Thus we have British Literature, American Literature, African Literature, and Indian Literature. At the same time they also have feminine literature and Dalit literature. The former being confined to literature produced by women writers championing the cause of women. So Dalit Literature is about Dalits written by Dalits championing the cause of Dalits in any human society. This paper seeks to probe into the meaning of word Dalit, plight of Dalits before and after the introduction of Human Rights act, with a special study of Mulk Raj Anands Untouchable.