An Empirical Study on Implementations of Performance Management System in Public and Private Banks of Jodhpur

  • Ms. Pragati Bhati
  • Shishupal Singh Bhadu


The banking sector is very important for the economic development of any country and hence it is regarded as the lifeline of any modern economy and also as an important financial pillar of the economy. Banking industry plays a crucial role in the functioning of an economy. Performance management in any organization is a method that includes developing and improving anemployeesefficiency and effectiveness. It is a continuous process of evaluation.

Thus this study focuses on the factors for implementation of the performance management system in Banks for the employees. Also the study emphasizes on the present Performance management system (PMS) of banking industries. For this purpose both public (BOB & PNB) and private (Axis and ICICI) banks which were selected and explored.The performance management of employees is evaluated and its relative advantages or benefits for employees and banks both are also found out.

The present study adoptsexploratory and conclusive research methods. Data collection is done through both primary and secondary methods. Primary data has been collected through the structured questionnaire comprises of both open ended and close ended questions. Questionnaire is framed here to measure the perceptions and acceptability of PMS by Banks from the point of view of the employees.The study reveals that banks have completely accepted and embraced the fact that PMS result in numerous important outcomes for the banks, its managers and employees.