Thought Controlled Nanobots for Targetted Drug Delivery A Brief Study

  • M. Rosalind Prabha
  • M. Josephine Mary Juliana


Thought Process is the manipulation of information acquired either through senses or stored in memory from previous experience, facilitating an individual to respond to the immediate situation. The statement afore, gives a layman definition of Thinking or Thought Process, however the technocrats in todays world are trying to engulf all those concepts that were once only relating to the domains of Biology, Physiology, Anatomy and even psychology, decades ago and have greatly succeeded in achieving the same, which is evident while exploring the hot research areas of today, such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Brain Computer Interface and Bio Inspired Robotics etc. this paper is the outcome of a detailed study about how the Nanometer Scale DNA Robots accelerate through the blood stream of a living host, activate it using the brain and use it for targeted drug delivery, making it to work and controlling its moves entirely by the human thoughts. Thus this paper falls under the broad discipline of Engineering Psychology, as it places its feet both on the shore of Robotics and in the sea of Psychology, explaining the physiology of thought process which is both the heart of this concept and its steering wheel.