Safety Risk in Port and Container Terminal Operations

  • Purnachander. A
  • Dr. K. Karthikeyan


Container Terminal Industry involves loading and unloading of Containers using highly mechanized and automated cranes. Shipping of Cargo in containers has revolutionized the shipping industry since the 1950s by enabling vessels to carry large quantity of cargo safely to long distances with minimum intervention of manual labour and with minimum costs.Container Terminals are the critical links in the entire supply chain system and are gateway to global trade. Being a profitable business opportunity the industry has attracted many operators and investors both globally and in India. Around 90 percent of global goods are transported via sea, of which over 70 percent of goods in containerized forms. Container Terminals are dynamic system which involves complex operations of various types. Due to its complexity it also poses various safety risks depending on the type of operation and type of cargo or container handled. All container terminals operate 24/7 and the physical environment also poses a risk to the operation. The paper discusses the safety risk involved in Container Terminal Industry and its impact on the business. The information will give an overall view of the risks involved and the decisions to be taken in response these risks resulting in safe guarding the employees and minimizing the damages to equipments as well as protecting the customer (ships) from incurring any loss due the operational risk of the container terminals.