A study on consumersí perception towards herbal cosmetics in Coimbatore city

  • Sowmya S


Abstract: The change in mind set of people from established brands to environmentally friendly brands and cruelty free brands is seen on a larger scale especially in cities like Coimbatore, where the population of youngsters is higher because of the large number of educational institutions. The same has happened in the case of cosmetic industry too. Herbal cosmetics have turned to be talk of the town. The use of herbal cosmetic products has also been identified as a way to showcase their environmental friendly attitude, improvement in lifestyle and economic status. This study aims to study the perception of consumers in Coimbatore about the herbal cosmetic products with the help of Likert scaling technique and the problems involved in the purchase with the aid of Garretts ranking technique. Purposive sampling was used in the study. The results clearly indicated that herbal cosmetic products are cruelty-free and chemical free, so does not harm the consumers and can be used for kids too. The major problem has been stated as the price, brand popularity and availability of the products.