An Efficient Interference Management using Dynamic Resource Allocation with Adaptive Power Control in Femtocell Networks

  • Ms.M.Savitha et. al


Abstract- In a Heterogeneous Network (HetNet) inter-cell interference which leads to severe degradation and link failure for neighboring macrocell users. As a result, Adaptive Network Sensing Power Control (ANSPC) technique is proposed for downlink power control for obviating the interference but  this technique is not suitable for highly dense small cell structure filled with large number of femtocell Base Stations (BSs) since these networks increase the data demand of end users in current and upcoming generation of wireless networks.To overcome this issue, Dynamic Resource Allocation (DRA) is proposed with ANSPC technique that consists of a dynamic distributed clustering and a fog-driven RA to optimize the total throughput of the network while mitigating the interference. This  is fully distributed clustering method  which is designed so that femtocell BSs adaptively form clusters with dynamic size based on the current status of the network and end users.