Impact of Globalization and Green Crime on Scheduled Tribes in India

  • Samson A


Abstract: Globalization  in its contemporary context is a pervasive phenomenon and poses various challenges in a developing country like India Though it is often embraced with the agenda of development its positive impact on inclusive development is quite debatable India with its diverse culture and society often ignores the concerns of  the tribals as they are a marginalized community with little or no voice In the name of industrial development these forest dependent people are deprived of their native dwelling places and access to forest resources and rights which have also led to problems like naxalism Though the Indian constitution provides various safeguards for the welfare of these people the government in the name of being investor friendly and providing employment opportunities often acts to the detriment of these communities. This conceptual paper seeks to highlight how Globalization is infringing upon the basic rights of the Schedule Tribes in India and threatens their very livelihood existence in the garb of development