Finger Vein Recognition As Multimodal Biometric For Authentication In Large Scale Systems

  • Mr.J.SANTHOSH et. al


Abstract Authentication is an important feature in all systems especially in large scale systems. Large scale systems in India include AADHAR database, ATM systems etc.  For example in ATM usually card is used along with PIN, however the PIN and card may be lost or stolen easily. Instead of PIN the finger vein can be used for authentication, which can do away with forging. Another example is AADHAR database where finger print is used as a biometric along with iris. The main issue of finger print and iris is that it can be forged easily. But if finger vein is also included in this, forging can be avoided and another important fact is that aliveness detection can be done using finger vein recognition. Only a live finger vein can be detected by the system. This paper reviews the importance of finger vein recognition with some user case examples. It also deals with the technologies associated with the finger vein recognition.