Wireless Sensor Network Techniques in intrusion Detection Systems Based on Artificial Intelligence

  • Jubitha.I et. al


Intrusion detection system(IDS) is regarded as the second line of defence against network anomalies and threats.IDS plays an important role in network security. There are many techniques which are used to design IDSs for specific scenario and applications.Artificial intelligence techniques are widely used for threats detection.Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are distributed in nature where sensor nodes operate independently without any centralized authority. Furthermore, sensor nodes have many design and functional limitations in terms of storage, processing, and communication. WSN applications have evolved at very fast pace and are consistently growing in many fields of everyday life [1]. The fast growth of WSN applications demands more ubiquitous and service oriented computing. The fast growing applications, distributed nature, and design limitations of WSNs have resulted in the increase of network related vulnerabilities and threats. There is a need of proper security mechanisms for protecting sensor networks against potential security threats and attacks [2, 3].