Review of routing algorithm for manet based on optimization techniques

  • Dr.B.Sureshkumar et. al


Abstract: Mobile Ad-hoc Network is very broadly used in many applications. A  MANET  is  an  autonomous  collection  of  mobile  users  that  communicate  over  relatively  bandwidth  constrained  wireless  links.  Since  the  nodes  are  mobile,  the  network  topology  may  change  rapidly  and  unpredictably  over  time. Sensor networks  still  have problems in conveying data from one sensor node to other node. Routing algorithms are developed for wireless sensor networks. MANETs are mostly used for communication purposes and to transfer data from one device to another device through internet. But both are different in many points. Nodes used in WSNs have very limited memory power and are of very high magnitude i.e.  in  order  of  many  hundreds,  as  compared  to  MANETs.  For WSNs communication is not very big issue, but collecting data is more important, while in MANETs communication is the only purpose. Routing efficiency is to management entire network energy. Optimization technique is most important research area in networking. In this proposal we have survey with various routing algorithm for MANET based on optimization algorithm, Like ACO, LOA, BOA, WOA, ISRA