An Efficient Policy-Based Adaptation of Workflow Processes through MOVE Framework

  • Dr. P. Malar


Abstract: In recent years, the foremost of the progress area unit having issue to adapt the advanced policies and most of the approaches required customized workflow engines. In our paper we tend to projected a brand new changed MVC framework for imposing the advanced policies to dynamic workflows. The framework Model-Operations-View-Events (MOVE) is especially supported Model-View-Controller pattern that is employed to feature the dynamic sites. The controller element in MVC framework is spitted into 2 blocks that area unit Operations and Events owing to artifact too several codes into the controller in MVC pattern we tend to area unit going for MOVE framework. Our aim is to style a progress processes as a template in abstract level. The progress language is employed to implement the logic and imposing the any kind of policies. Additionally to the present we tend to area unit attending to value by suggests that of learning the confidentiality and it's used permits the application-specific adaptation work running instance.