System Engineering and Data Analytical Techniques for Web Centered Decision Support System Integrated with Machine Learning

  • Dr.D. Kalaivani


Abstract: In real world applications most of the success rates depend on the right decision making at right time. There are certain pre-triage decision support improvement strategies to provide an optimized workflow structure. System integrated decision making becomes increasingly important while dealing with complex problems. Decision making is the ability to know the context without applying analytical reasoning. Web-centered decision support functions provide a strong platform to achieve a better decision support system. Third order analytics demand the collaboration of Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics Tools. Tools such as Decision Matrix provide an opportunity to analyze Subjective quantization versus Objective quantization. Pugh Matrix is one of the qualitative techniques which provide the advantage of multi-dimensional choices for an option set. It facilitates Sensitivity Analysis also. Efficient Decision making mechanisms always focused on implementing cognitive intelligence to analyze deeply and to attain Optimized Decision Support System.