A Study about Transformation Approaches in Manufacturing Companies through Quality Circle Pursuit



In our country we need a technique which can be easily implemented, economically and productively. It has to be accepted by all groups of people in manufacturing companies. Also we have to consider that the need for businesses to improve quality of services is no longer an option but a necessity. Since the early 1960s business across the globe have been searching for innovative ways to improve overall operational efficiency. Quality circle is the innovative techniques in manufacturing industries; some organisations have successfully implemented the use of quality circles as part of an ongoing improvement programmed. Others have experimented with quality circles with best intentions and faced several obstacles, but what is true is that this type of participatory management brings several benefits to all concerned if it is practised effectively. The main purpose of the study is to analyse the QC pursuit and to find the influence of demographic variable on QC pursuits. The researcher have collected data from QC members in manufacturing companies and used one way- ANOVA test to analyses the data. Also suggested techniques to utilize QC members effectively in QC pursuits of manufacturing companies.