Importance of Girls Education in Islam

  • Rana Saeed et. al


 Painstakingly doing effort for  obtaining knowledge is integral part of belief of  Islam.Human being got honour of bending down of Angels ( Masjood-e- Malaik ) due to knowledge. First revelation of Islam is started with the word Iqra which means Read.Last messenger of Islam Hazrat Muhammad Mustufa Sallallaho alaihe Wassallam says Knowledge is my weapon and another place he says Obtainning knowledge is duty of  man and woman, Obtainning knowledge even if you have to go China.Above sayings of Hazrat Muhammad Mustufa Sallalaho Alaihe Wassallam are manifesting that obtainning knowledge is not only right of every man and woman but also it is duty and worship.It is irony that according to Sachchar Committee report Muslims are the most educationally and economically are most backward and their woman dont get knowledge while