Survey of Fraud Spotting Techniques

  • Dr.B.Sureshkumar et. al


Fraud  spotting is a topic  applicable to many  industries including  banking  and  financial  sectors, insurance, government agencies and  lawn  for cement and  more Through  the  use of sophisticated data mining tools, millions of transactions can  be searched to spot patterns and detect fraudulent transactions. Spotting  fraud  involves  monitoring  the  behavior  of  users ' populations  to  estimate,  detect or  prevent unwanted behavior. Undesirable behavior is a broad  term  including  violence, theft  invasion, and  defaulting accounts. This  paper provides  an  overview  of  current techniques  used in  spotting  credit   card   fraud, spotting telecommunications  fraud,  and  spotting computer intrusion. The  purpose of  this  paper is  to provide an in-depth review of various techniques for detecting fraud...