• Rydhm Beri et. al


Machine learning is the process by using which we can make computer system decision maker in real time environment. Machine learning offers several techniques by using which computer can become smarter and be able to solve problems in numerous fields. Now a days, machine learning is offering several solutions to various fields such as financial services, market and profit analysis, government, healthcare and so forth. One of the crucial field is healthcare which needs more suggestion in real time environment. By applying machine learning in healthcare industry, computers can become life saver for the person. In healthcare industry and pharma, computer is playing vital role in identifying disease and diagnosis, drug discovery, medical image diagnosis, drug synergy, smart healthcare systems, clinical trial research better patient analytics and so forth. Machine learning offers certain solutions to the healthcare industries by their supervised learning, unsupervised learning and reinforcement learning methods. Machine learning techniques can be integrated with some other fields such as Internet of Thing to provide better solution. This integration serve as a life saver in the field of healthcare industry. This chapter is focusing on the application areas of healthcare industry in which machine learning can be used to provide better and remote solutions. Moreover, the chapter will focus on which type of technique can be applied onto what type of problems people currently facing in healthcare industry and also how integration of machine learning can be applied onto healthcare industries.