Compressive review on plant profile, phytochemistry and pharmacology of Argemone mexicana linn

  • Ganesh Virsen Tawre et al.


Natural products are the high-quality assets of medication and drug leads and this remains real today despite the fact that the reality that many pharmaceutical companies have centered on natural products studies for two a long time. Today the focal point on plant research has improved all around the global and a huge variety of facts has been accumulated to reveal the vast ability of medicinal plants utilized in traditional systems. Argemone Mexicana (A. Mexicana) is a flowering plant belongs to Papaveraceae circle of relatives. A. Mexicana L. Is typically called Mexican Poppy. The plant grows between 0.3 and 1.2 meters. It is a small herbaceous plant with latex. The plant is abundant in Mexico and now has been found in India, the United States, Bangladesh and Ethiopia. It takes place in agricultural and wilderness weed areas in almost each a part of India and Bangladesh. A. Mexicana is pronounced to have antimicrobial activity, wound healing ability in rat, larvicidal and chemosterilant hobby, nematicidal and allelopathic capacity. In Mexico infusion of aerial part of the plant is used as hypoglycemic. Chemical investigations of this plant have discovered the presence of alkaloids, amino acids, phenolics and fatty acids. The aerial a part of the plant carries Isoquinoline and Benzylisoquinoline alkaloids. Alkaloids like Berberine and Tetrahydroberberine, Protopine, Benzophenanthridines has been isolated from the plant. A. Mexicana is utilized by conventional healers in Mali to treat malaria, externally inside the remedy of cataracts and internally inside the treatment of dropsy and jaundice. This evaluation become assembled the use of technical literature from electronic seek engine which include Springerlink, BioMed Central, PubMed, Scopus, ScienceDirect, Scielo, Medline and Science area. Supplementary texts have been received from books, e book chapters, dissertations, websites and other clinical publications. There is a require to isolate lively constituents, their biological take a look at, molecular mechanisms, experimental protection and legalization of healing makes use of of A. Mexicana. The accrued information might be obliging to locate up examine protocol for cutting-edge drugs and Ayurvedic components extension in remedial and luxury a variety of illnesses. Clinical trials for the pronounced preclinical research ought to be performed right now to in addition validate the claims on human.