Significant Determinant of Perceptual factors of Life Insurance Advertisements: AGE

  • Dr. Rakshita Puranik, Dr. Shefalli Tiwari


 India's Insurance sector is the second largest mobilization of savings after banks has been flourishing fast with advertising campaigns. Insurance companies designing the advertisement that based on the full investigation of consumers' perception and purchase behavior. Perception helps in forming the consumer buying behavior. The success of a company is immensely dependant on the availability of their products to the consumers as per their need. Advertising act as a stimulus for making individual perception. Demographic factors especially the age is consider as distinguishing and measuring parameter for the customers perception and preferences. Thus it has become essential to study the Influence of Age on the factors which affect customer perception towards life insurance advertisements relayed by private and public life insurance companies. This will help marketers and researcher to know the effect of age on perception they carry about life insurance advertisements. Data was collected with the help of structured questionnaire from 100 respondents from Indore region. To analysis the influence of age on the perception towards the life insurance advertisement one way Anova been applied using SPSS.. The findings of the study can be useful to the insurance companies to customize their products as per the requirements of the customers.