Marketing Trends for Skill Development Education in Kandi Zones of Punjab

  • Manav Saini, Dr. Atul Loomba


The rural world is evolving quickly; youngsters should be set up for skill development education to ascend to the new chances, utilizing marketing strategies. Entrepreneurs require the capacities and information to work in open and requesting markets. This study is focusing Hoshiarpur in Punjab. Hoshiarpur is sub hilly and this region is generally called Kandi territory or semi-sloping region. Low achievement in rural areas is oftentimes credited to homestead work; in those zones, youngsters miss school and universities or drop out to help with ranch or family unit work. This study is directed to discover the adequacy of advertising systems for expertise training in sub-mountain zones of Punjab. The best marketing techniques are those that are engaged toward a particular crowd, focused on key advantages. Improved advertising systems can cop up with the difficulties. Customary Marketing, print ads, for example, bulletins, boards, flyers and paper print advertisements and advanced marketing techniques can help in advancement of the significance of ability improvement training in rustic zones.