• RUTWIK RODE et al.


In Econometrics, through numerical analysis, they use the Regression Analysis tool to understand economic relationships. Regression, which is one of the most common and effective methods used to understand economic theories, allows this empirical approximation. It is therefore easy to describe a relationship in a theoretical way, but it would be hard to write it in the form of an equation and approximate the theory through a given information. Insurance companies rely heavily on regression analysis to predict policyholders ' credit status and a potential number of claims over a given period of time. Do I need to divide the claim sum for cities with cubic capacity to normalize the claims for each city in order to construct a regression model to extract auto insurance premium hazard chart, or can I directly create the dummy variables for the city and run the regression? I'm completely new to these methods and I don't know what the best solution should be. Insurance plays a vital role in the preparation and funding of marine operations, which has sometimes been underestimated in the past. Insurance, the costs and, most notably, the potential risks that can not be covered are important factors that must be taken into account. Insurance is a major investment and you are likely to buy several policies over your life. It is important that you understand what is covered by each type of insurance and how it functions so that you can make the best purchase decision. Do not base your decision on the cheapest thing, but look at what it offers.