• Manish Choudhary et al.


Marketing that is done using mobiles as a channel; targeting mobile users is what we mean when we talk about 'mobile marketing'. "Mobile" is a broad term encompassing many things. Here, we refer to the Product and Service markets that were spawned by the introduction of mobile cellular technology. The introduction of this technology initially gave rise to three primary products and service markets - the market for mobile handsets or phones, the market for mobile network or telecommunication equipment and the market for mobile services. In current times, the usage of mobile phones has different and there is now a new market that has gained importance - the Mobile Apps market.

Until a decade ago, mass media was characterized by newspapers, hoardings, television and radio and these were the primary vehicles for communicating a marketing message to consumers. Today, another mass media channel is available to marketers - the mobile. It is a modern day medium that has a large reach and unique features.