The Vision and Version of Indian Life in Bhargaviyam Epic

  • Dr. Atulkumar B. Unagar
  • Dr. Atulkumar B. Unagar


Pandit Mithilaprasad Tripathi has divided his epic Bhargaviyam into 32 Cantos and through the description of Bhrugu clan he has revived the ancient characters here. Their ancient culture and fame as been beautifully depicted here. It is only through his hero the author expresses his deep emotions and give a moral message to the audience and here too the modern poet Pandit Mithila Prasad has beautifully painted the ancient characters and through them he has given a very good message to the society. Here the main hero is Parshuram, through his character the poet has shown the spirit of patriotism, the feeling of doing the good to others and the ideal way of living. Here the description starts with Brugu after that there comes the description of his sons viz. Chyavan, Ruru, Shukra, Mrukandu, Markandeya, Jamadagni and Parshuram. This modern epic is no less than the ancient epics, as here also all the rules of Epic-Formation are applied. In this epic the respected Pandit Mithilaprasad has not added any personal things or styles in describing the ancient heroes and has kept it just the same way as they are described in the ancient texts of Purana.